Critical decisions made with confidence

BIM Holoview makes it easy for people to better understand design concepts, structure and constructability thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

Not until you experience a realistic 3D holographic model of a building can you really understand the design, spatial dynamics and interaction of complex systems as they will be completed. Construction teams can easily see the complete picture of a construction project pre-build or off-site with BIM Holoview’s table-top mode which has the advantage of a transparent mode for a ‘look-inside’.

Because BIM Holoview also allows full scale BIM models to be experienced on-site during construction, plans and constructability are verified early before mistakes are made.

Construction elements and processes are better communicated between designers, managers, contractors and clients thereby improving project efficiency and avoiding costs inherent with changes, delays and rebuilds.

Post-construction, BIM Holoview enables Facility Managers to 'look through walls' precisely locating hidden MEP services for maintenance and up-grades.

The look and feel of different fit-out plans can be easily viewed to optimize the use of space. By providing the truest experience of proportion and perspective BIM Holoview allows users to make the best decisions regarding placement of equipment, furniture and fittings.